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Please stop animal abuse
By GEM (Age 12)

While my family and I were eating take-away pizza  my dad told me a story about one of his colleague’s dogs. His dog went missing and they put up signs to find it. Six days later the dog was returned badly injured.

It was found in a dog-fighting ring in Alexandra. When I heard this I lost my appetite and was completely heartbroken! All I could think is why? Why would people be so heartless? And why is a human life more valuable than  animals?

It is just disturbing and wrong that people can place a bet on a dogfight to see which one wins. It is time that people stop animal abuse, and the only way that will happen is if we work together as a community. So if you do come across any animal abuse don’t be afraid to report it.

You can make a change so why not make it?  If you do come across any animal abuse you can contact the SPCA. Details : Sandton SPCA(011) 444 7730 Or  Randburg SPCA (011) 462 1610For more info go to www.nspca.co.za

Written by my daughter, 12yrs - published in The Sandton Chronicle (April 2010) Claire Marketos

Dear GEM

Thank you very much for the letter you wrote that was posted in the newspaper. It is wonderful that you have taken the initiative to make people aware of such inhumane criminal activities.

It’s wonderful to see that you care so much about something you do not have a personal relationship with, the world would be such a great place if it was filled only with people like you.

We appreciate you effort immensely and know that it WILL make a difference wherever it may be needed.


Cliff & Brax

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